Security Solutions

Our expertise and experience in various industries can help you to identify potential problems before they occur.Our solutions are among the most comprehensive in the security services marketplace:

  • Data security solutions
  • Identity and access management solutions
  • IT Security
  • Infrastructure Security

Web Security

Industry-leading web security that fits your needs.

Targeted attacks, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), and data theft are changing web security. Anti-virus and URL filtering products are no longer enough for complete information security. You need inline, real-time defenses and innovative data loss prevention (DLP) technologies to defend against modern attacks — which may include any combination of the seven stages of advanced threats that lead to data theft.

Latest Web security products provide modern, innovative defenses. They include forward-thinking features such as advanced threat dashboards, forensic reporting and data capture, sandbox analysis of malware, and data-aware defenses that provide containment of sensitive information. And they are easily managed through the Unified Security Center.

  • Web Security Gateway Anywhere
  • Cloud Web Security Gateway
  • Web Security
  • Web Filter
  • Web Security Gateway
  • ACE in the Cloud
  • Cloud Web Security

E-mail Security

Leading email security products that embed web and data security intelligence.

Email threats evolved. Typical email security products didn’t. Phishing emails that link to infected websites cause many of today’s information security breaches. Yet typical email security products use outdated methods from phishing’s early days, when hackers attached viruses to emails. They can’t catch blended email/web threats that can lead to malware infection. And they can’t detect employee activities that can lead to data loss.

New Email security products provide modern defenses. Next-generation email security products embed our advanced web and data security technologies and are easily managed through the Unified Security Center — whether deployed in the cloud, on a physical or virtual appliance, or using a hybrid of both.

  • Email Security Gateway Anywhere
  • Cloud Email Security and Content Control
  • Email Security Gateway

Data Security

Unified Data Loss Prevention for Gateways, Endpoints and Discovery

From tarnished brand reputation to regulatory fines, the adverse impacts of data breaches are clear. Just a single incident of data loss can erode a business’s competitive advantage, weaken consumer confidence, and result in fines or penalties from regulators. The problem is further exacerbated with rapid proliferation of mobile computing devices, widespread use of peripheral devices, and easy access to file-sharing software — all increasing the opportunity for data loss and theft.

Why is latest Data Security Suite the best choice?

Modern Data Security Suite secures organizations against a wide range of data loss scenarios with a single policy framework for network and endpoint data loss prevention and confidential data discovery.

  • Data Security Suite
  • Data Endpoint
  • Data Security Gateway
  • Data Discover

Mobile Security

Protect and enable your mobile workforce.

When your data goes mobile your security risks go up. The surge of mobile devices in the workplace increases the risk from malicious attacks that aim to compromise systems and steal data. Mobile device management (MDM) alone can’t protect against these threats. Your mobile security solution must also provide protection against advanced threats, phishing, malware, malicious apps and other security risks that can lead to data loss.

New security system protects your mobile data, devices and workforce. Mobile Security provides cloud-based security solutions that extend your existing security policies to mobile devices to help stop advanced threats, reduce your risk and enable your business — wherever you and your employees go. it’s easily managed through the Unified Security Center.