• Contact Center

    Avaya Call Back Assist

    The Callback Assist application provides callers with choices for their service experience when agents are not immediately available to take their calls. It announces to callers the estimated wait time, and then offers to have an agent call them back, versus waiting on hold. In addition, callers can select either an immediate callback when an agent becomes available or a callback at their preferred available time and date, avoiding the inconvenience of waiting on hold.

    Callers that choose one of the callback options are prompted to record a message with their name and the reason for their call and then they are free to hang up. At the appropriate time, the Callback Assist solution initiates the callback with the contact center agent and plays the recorded message. After the agent listens to the message, the callback is initiated and the agent is able to then assist the customer as required.

    How Avaya Callback Assist Works

    1. The estimated wait time is announced
    2. The caller is offered the option of getting a callback (earliest or scheduled) or continuing to wait on hold
    3. Option 1
    • Agent First Scenario
    • If a callback is selected, the caller records a message with their name, reason for the call, and contact information
    • Customer First Scenario
    • The customer is asked to record their name. Callback Assist will use that recording when calling the customer back. The customer would recognize his voice

    4. Avaya Callback Assist waits in queue in place of the caller

    5. Option 2

    • Agent First Scenario
    • At the appropriate time (earliest or scheduled), Avaya Callback Assist engages the agent. It presents collected information to the agent including the recorded message
    • Customer First Scenario
    • At the appropriate time (earliest or scheduled), Avaya Callback Assist engages the customer
    • In both scenarios, the customer is given the option to accept the callback, reschedule it for a later time, or cancel it all together

    6. Option 3

    • Agent First Scenario
    • When the agent is fully prepared to handle the customer’s transaction, Avaya Callback Assist launches the outbound call
    • Customer First Scenario
    • When the customer is engaged, Avaya Callback Assist engages the agent

    Integration was done with CTI architecture.



    In the end system provides reporting for all callback actions. Also administrators and center management receive usage and performance data.



    Static and Dynamic IVR Development

    Development of Static and Dynamic IVR Applications based on Avaya Voice Portal system was made for our customer request. Full implementation plan was successfully delivered by our developers/experts

    • Project Management
    • Technical Design
    • Application Development
    • Integration with Billing System
    • Testing
    • Go-Live

    Avaya Self Service

    Crystal Communication Georgia successfully implemented Avaya Proactive Outreach Manager system.

    Proactive Outreach Manager simplifies creation, execution, and management of outbound self service campaigns helping businesses reduce costs, capture more revenue, and improve customer satisfaction.


    POM can execute Multiple Concurrent Outbound Campaigns from Single Environment

    System is automating Customer Communications and using Avaya Voice Portal as common platform to:

    • Automate voice, email, text alerts, notifications, and campaigns
    • Reduce and shape inbound call center traffic
    • Serve customers more effectively through lower cost channels



  • Call Recording

    Implementation of NICE Systems Screen Recording

    Successfully implemented NICE Systems Screen Recording Solution. It allows to capture screen from user’s PC to help supervisors to view contact centers agent activity during whole interaction to improve quality of service and coaching agents.

    Implementation of NICE Systems Speech Analytics

    With our help customer successfully integrated Innovative Speech Technologies. Emotion detection and Talk Over Analysis.

    Speech analytics is a key capability of NICE Interaction Analytics. It helps identify the reasons why customers call the company and what causes customer dissatisfaction. It also helps contact centers uncover training opportunities to improve agent performance.

    NICE speech analytics combines several best-of-breed speech technologies to gain powerful insights into customer interactions.

    Emotion detection

    Certain words spoken during an interaction may indicate high levels of emotion. However, sometimes emotion can only be detected by analyzing the voice and tone of the speaker. Emotion detection is a speech analytics technology that analyzes the voice of the speaker and identifies emotion via slight variations of pitch or tone. High levels of emotion are a reliable gauge of both customer dissatisfaction and agent skills.


    Talk-over analysis

    This useful speech analytics capability identifies portions of calls in which the customer and agent are talking simultaneously—a common indicator of customer dissatisfaction. In addition, talk-over analysis identifies periods of silence during calls that may be related to agent knowledge gaps.

    NICE speech analytics, central to the cutting-edge capabilities of NICE Interaction Analytics, can help companies gain deep insights from customer interactions that can be used to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and improve operational efficiency.Click to learn more about NICE solutions for contact center operational efficiency, customer experience and revenue growth.

    Upgrade of Voice Recording system

    Our company successfully made upgrade of NICE Systems call recording software to new version of NICE Perform.

    NICE Perform provides a comprehensive solution for capturing and analyzing customer interactions to enable organizations to drive business performance, enhance operational efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance, while maintaining low total cost of ownership (TCO). It provides organizations with critical business insights through unified solutions for compliance recording, quality management, interaction analytics, customer feedback and agent coaching.

    NICE Perform includes a complete set of Web-based tools to extract, process, analyze and effectively visualize information from customer interactions on a large scale.

  • Virtualization

    Desktop Virtualization

    One of our customers wanted to simplify desktop management via virtualization, enabling remote management of machines in terms of systems and applications. To offer new user services, such as portable client services, simultaneously reducing indirect costs associated with client maintenance. VMware has made it possible to manage some client devices, and their goal is to raise workplaces.
    Solution concept: Replace fat clients with thin cliants and application virtualization.

    Product chosen: VMware Platform

    Implementation: Company performed a total rip-and-replace of old systems with new thin clients and servers. A six-month pilot led to the rollout of performance increasing, flexibility and stability.

    Results: There is nothing users can damage. Labor for support and maintenance of desktops have plummeted.

  • Support


    Crystal Communication Georgia provides midzise and eneterprise support service for types of customers in Goverment, Telecom, Education and Private business sectors including SLA services outside of Georgia.

    Our personnel are trained and certified by the world’s leading hardware and software vendors.

    For many years we are providing wide range of SLA options to our customers. And we are very proud of it.

  • IT Consulting

    Project Management and Platform Upgrade

    We’ve got request from one of our customers for IT Planning, Process, Project Management and Platform Upgrade. They were doing a platform upgrade and planning to implement new services and virtualization in organization.

    It was critical that this effort be led by a strong project manager who understood the technology as well as someone very capable in coordinating and leading such a critical effort.

    Within 1 week of the request we brought Project Manager/Infrastructure Specialist who had prior experience with platform upgrades. This individual was able to step into the early stages of this initiative, pull together the project plans, coordinate with all the key players within the client company as well as external parties. We were able to drive this effort to a timely completion. Realization phases were completed on-time and 15% below budget.

  • Storage

    Implemenation of NetApp Storage

    Our company implemented sorage solution based on FAS2200 series model FAS2240A-4 with disk shelf DS4246 and High Availability.


    NetApp FAS2200 series is a powerful, affordable, flexible data storage for midsized businesses and distributed enterprises.

    Midsized businesses and enterprises with distributed environments need powerful, flexible data storage to handle data growth. The NetApp FAS2200 series, named a ‘Champion’ and ‘Best in Overall Value’ by Info-Tech Research Group, is affordable, and is a more powerful storage platform than other systems in its class.

    Start right with unified storage for SAN and NAS. Accelerate application performance and optimize storage costs with NetApp Flash Pool™ Intelligent Caching.Keep it simple with intuitive storage management tools that integrate with key business applications and virtualization environments. Grow smart while protecting your storage investment, with cluster-ready upgrades using the same NetApp operating system and software tools. NetApp software on FAS2200 systems reduces disk purchases by 50% or more and cuts provisioning time by up to 90%.

    The NetApp FAS2200 series delivers no-compromise unified storage, with industry-leading efficiency features at no additional cost, to boost performance and handle storage growth.

    FAS2200 systems come with the NetApp Data ONTAP operating system and advanced data management and data protection tools.

    NetApp disk shelves and storage media provide flexibility, reliability, storage efficiency, and cross-platform leverage.

    NetApp offers a full range of high-capacity, high-performance, and self-encrypting disk drives plus ultra-high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs). Disk shelf options let you optimize for capacity, performance, or versatility. NetApp Optical SAS interconnects simplify infrastructure while providing industry-leading performance.